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Stop Rescuing Your Boyfriend And Allow Him To Struggle

Relationship difficulties with a heart of stone breaking up to expose a red shaped love valentine symbol as a diamond in the rough representing challenges of marriage counseling and dating.

Loving someone is allowing them to struggle through their challenges.

One of my good friends called me the other day, on the brink of a breakdown.  John has been together with his boyfriend Chris for five years.  Things were great at first, and they even moved across the country together and adopted dogs.  

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Jealous Of Happy Gay Couples On Facebook?


Do you get jealous when happy gay couples post their pictures on Facebook? Mentally place yourself into the picture and use it as a powerful visualization tool to attract love.

I have to admit something: I get secretly jealous when I see pictures of a happy gay couple on Facebook.

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Attract A Gay Relationship By Faking It


Act as if you’re already in a gay relationship, and you will attract a gay relationship.

Sometimes you gotta fake it ‘till you make it!  As single gay men, we often feel that we need to display our single status to the world, so that any onlooker is crystal clear that we are readily available for a relationship (whether that’s for the night or for the long haul). 

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I first learned of Manny’s services through a webinar on getting over your ex. I had just ended my first gay relationship, and it was a painful breakup. As a middle-aged newly out gay man, I was confused about what to expect in arena of gay love and very disillusioned by what I had experienced.

I was at a point in my life where nothing was going right and I felt like the universe was against me. I had no idea what to expect from coaching as I was in therapy and felt as though I wasn’t making any progress.

…you opened so many doors for me in our sessions and I learned a lot. I am very thankful to you and if I didn’t say it before….THANK YOU!

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